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“Tagged”: Marcada – A minha escolha de um item para levar para o mato para sobreviver


A video in portuguese for all those who speak the language and that regularly watch my videos and are subscribers to my channel. Thank you for the support and warmth.

Um vídeo em português para todos aqueles de expressão lusófona que regularmente assistem aos meus vídeos e que estão inscritos no meu canal. Obrigada pelo apoio e carinho.



Tagged: my choice of one item to take to the woods to survive

I was tagged by Donald a.k.a. Topwolf1964

I’m tagging:
RealitySurvival –
kertw1 –
wawhiker –

So, I’ll let you know who tagged who and I’ll put a “(#)” next to the names of those who have responded to the tag and made a video of their own. I checked these out yesterday and a few today, so there may be new additions. I’m not subscribed to most of these people, so only by going to their channels to check would I know if they’ve made a video or not.

So as far as I can tell, it started with scubadude1970 (#) who tagged Oregonmikes, Reallybigmonkey1 (#) and SoulSurvivorX2.

Reallybigmonkey1 tagged eltenda (#), Topwolf1964 (#) and Survivalstudent (#).

Eltenda tagged only one person: houseoffire72 (#) who tagged Bravethewilds (#), MrCoop1967, Whitetailbushcraft and polishedcornerstones. Bravethewilds tagged wayofthewilds.

Topwolf1964 tagged alonewolverine1984 (#), CampSmarts (me) and SoulSurvivorX2. Alonewolverine1984 tagged outdoor700, survivalmike and ausurvival. I tagged RealitySurvival, kertw1 and wawhiker.

Survivalstudent (tagged by reallybigmonkey1) tagged andersbork (#), briargoatkilla (#) and expertsurvival. Andersbork tagged 1097411 (#), alonewolverine1984 (who had already been tagged by Topwolf1964) and saradreaming (#). 1097411 tagged simplysurvival01 (#), Ghostsquatter1 and SRSS2012. Saradreaming tagged TheWoodsmenJoe (#), beactivelife and giutoniolo.

Expertsurvival (tagged by survivalstudent) tagged varavild, jediknightofthewoods and outdoordude93.

TheWoodsmenJoe (tagged by saradreaming) tagged bushcraftbartons, JoeandZachSurvival, karenchakey (#) and allenh60. karenchakey tagged fog360 (#) robertmccallum1 and SurviveN2. Fog360 tagged alloutdoor1, strat2206 and g0vqw.

SRSS2012 (tagged by 1097411) tagged medicjimr, shugemery and fog360 (who made a video but refers to being tagged by karenchakey).

So, as far as I know that’s it! It’ll will change soon though. Some people are really fast at turning these out!