Life in the outdoors

I was tagged by Donald a.k.a. Topwolf1964

I’m tagging:
RealitySurvival –
kertw1 –
wawhiker –

So, I’ll let you know who tagged who and I’ll put a “(#)” next to the names of those who have responded to the tag and made a video of their own. I checked these out yesterday and a few today, so there may be new additions. I’m not subscribed to most of these people, so only by going to their channels to check would I know if they’ve made a video or not.

So as far as I can tell, it started with scubadude1970 (#) who tagged Oregonmikes, Reallybigmonkey1 (#) and SoulSurvivorX2.

Reallybigmonkey1 tagged eltenda (#), Topwolf1964 (#) and Survivalstudent (#).

Eltenda tagged only one person: houseoffire72 (#) who tagged Bravethewilds (#), MrCoop1967, Whitetailbushcraft and polishedcornerstones. Bravethewilds tagged wayofthewilds.

Topwolf1964 tagged alonewolverine1984 (#), CampSmarts (me) and SoulSurvivorX2. Alonewolverine1984 tagged outdoor700, survivalmike and ausurvival. I tagged RealitySurvival, kertw1 and wawhiker.

Survivalstudent (tagged by reallybigmonkey1) tagged andersbork (#), briargoatkilla (#) and expertsurvival. Andersbork tagged 1097411 (#), alonewolverine1984 (who had already been tagged by Topwolf1964) and saradreaming (#). 1097411 tagged simplysurvival01 (#), Ghostsquatter1 and SRSS2012. Saradreaming tagged TheWoodsmenJoe (#), beactivelife and giutoniolo.

Expertsurvival (tagged by survivalstudent) tagged varavild, jediknightofthewoods and outdoordude93.

TheWoodsmenJoe (tagged by saradreaming) tagged bushcraftbartons, JoeandZachSurvival, karenchakey (#) and allenh60. karenchakey tagged fog360 (#) robertmccallum1 and SurviveN2. Fog360 tagged alloutdoor1, strat2206 and g0vqw.

SRSS2012 (tagged by 1097411) tagged medicjimr, shugemery and fog360 (who made a video but refers to being tagged by karenchakey).

So, as far as I know that’s it! It’ll will change soon though. Some people are really fast at turning these out!


Comments on: "Tagged: my choice of one item to take to the woods to survive" (2)

  1. TNBirdman said:

    Great logic. Enjoyed the Red-winged Blackbirds in the background and American Crow at the end.

    • Thanks for watching and I’m impressed that you could identify those birds with so little to go on. I don’t know the first thing about birds, although I do enjoy them, so I will have to take your word on which species they were.

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