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Backcountry food: cooking Shrimp Pasta

SHRIMP PASTA ( 2 servings)

Dehydrate shrimp
Dehydrate asparagus
Dehydrate mushrooms

In separate ziplock bags place:
– 200g of pasta
– 90 g of dried shrimp cut in halves or thirds
– 12g of dried mushrooms
– 16g of dried asparagus with a little bit of salt
– 20g of dried tomatoes

In another ziplock bag place:
– 2 tbsp. of dried fried onion;
– Freshly ground pepper;
– 1/2 tsp of garlic powder;
– 1 tsp of chives;
– 1/2 tsp of oregano;
– 1/8 tsp of erbe per spaghetti;
– 1/2 a bay leaf.
In another ziplock bag place about 200g of pasta.

Place all the bags and the following instructions in a bigger ziplock bag.

At camp:
– Boil water. In one cup, rehydrate shrimp. In another cup, rehydrate asparagus. It will take at least 30-45 min.
– Boil water, add salt and cook pasta. Drain and place in bowl.
– In another bowl, rehydrate mushrooms and dried tomatoes (the latter just slightly).
– In pot, pour some olive oil. Turn the stove on as low possible. Add drained tomatoes and mushrooms. Stir.
– Add onion and spice bag contents. Stir.
– Add the drained shrimp. Stir.
– Add the drained asparagus. Stir. Check salt.
– Add the pasta and toss.