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Canoe Lake Circuit – Part 2



WEIGHT: 258g

–          Dehydrate carrots

–          Dehydrate peas

–          Dehydrate corn

–          Dehydrate ground beef

In freezer bag place:

–          1 tbsp of dried carrots

–          ¼ cup of dried peas

–          ¼ cup of dried corn

–          ½ pound equivalent package of ground beef

In a Ziploc bag place ½ package of Club House Shepherd’s Pie mix along with 1 ½ tbsp of crispy onion.

1 packet Club House brown gravy

In a Ziploc bag place 2 servings of mashed potatoes (2/3 package of Betty Crocker instant mashed potatoes (73g) + 1tbsp butter buds + 1 ½ tbsp Nido whole milk powder) to be rehydrated with 1 1/3 or 1 ½ cups of boiling water.


At camp:

1)      Boil water. Add water to gravel and veggies. Allow to rehydrate.

2)      Boil water. Add to mashed potatoes. Place in cozy.

3)      In a cup, mix seasoning with just over 1/3 cup of water from rehydrating the gravel/veggie mix.

4)      In pot, mix a little bit of olive oil with the gravel/veggie mix. Add seasoning mix and bring to a boil.

5)      In frying pan, mix gravy powder with 1 cup of water.

6)      Take pot off the heat as soon as the water has boiled off and place frying pan. Bring to a boil. Stir constantly until cooked.

7)      Take bag of mashed potatoes and cut corner of bag. Pipe the mashed potatoes over the meat and veggie mixture. Keep in cozy until ready to serve.  Serve with gravy on the side or over the pie.