Life in the outdoors


Comments on: "Food for a 3 day trip to the backcountry" (7)

  1. Great job!

  2. ‘Am enjoying your efforts. Looking forwards to more!

  3. Totally LOVE the idea of adding protein powder to the couscous. Thanks for the shout out about my books. Totally appreciated. This reminds me… I need to get my act together and dehydrate some meals.

    • Thanks for coming by! The protein powder doesn’t really change the taste of the couscous recipes and it’s great. Your books are awesome! I want to try some of your energy bars next. Speaking of dehydrating, I’ve got brown rice in my Excalibur right now.

      • Thanks. If you use the date based, no-cook bars have fun with it. As long as you keep the ratios somewhat the same you can switch up the flavors so many different ways. I love my Excalibur. Don’t get me wrong, my Nesco was great too, but I love that I can put whole peppers and such in the Excalibur. It’s great for proofing bread too.

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