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Hiking: day pack contents


Comments on: "Hiking: day pack contents" (4)

  1. Very interesting even though I’m a non-camper….. you learn something everyday. Mt. Equipment should give you perks!

    • Thank you! Well, at least people will know that for Christmas I wouldn’t mind a MEC gift card! LOL! Actually, it’s already a perk to be a MEC member. They have great products and the best return policy!

  2. Hi, I found your site and videos from a search of what to carry in a day pack. I really appreciate your effort and information. You have a very well thought out kit. Are you still using this pack? Any changes to the contents?

    All the Best


    • Hi! Yeah! The pack is pretty much the same still. I changed the actual pack for a little while to a lighter one but found myself coming back for this one all the time as it had more pockets and was sturdier. The survival kit looks somewhat different but not too much. My backpack for longer trips tends to change a lot more. Thank you for the comment! Always nice to know that someone enjoyed it 🙂

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